Thijs Biersteker

Ecological Artist

Thijs Biersteker, an award-winning ecological artist and three-time TED speaker, transforms scientific environmental data into immersive art installations that turn facts into feelings. Along with his team, he collaborates with renowned scientists and institutions, making complex environmental issues accessible, understandable, and deeply relatable.

His work is recognized in the art world as a unique and fluid fusion of data, sensors, living trees, kinetic engines, fragile mycelium, big data visualizations, recycled plastics and the interplay of plant and artificial intelligence, and is celebrated as heralding a new generation of science communication.

From Beijing to Helsinki, Mr. Biersteker's unique, science-driven artworks have captivated millions, and have been showcased in leading museums and at prominent conferences, extending the reach and influence of environmental research.


Photo credit: Benning-Gladkova

Thijs Biersteker