History of Art for Tomorrow event

The New York Times has been convening the Art conference since 2015, as Art for Tomorrow from 2015-2017 and Art Leaders Network in 2018.  We decided for the future growth and development of this conference, we need to form a non-profit structure around it and take it out of the commercial structure of The New York Times conference division. 

Achilles Tsaltas (ex-Vice President of International Conferences at The New York Times) has now set up an independent entity, the Democracy & Culture Foundation, to take the event forward as Art for Tomorrow.  The event remains strongly linked with The New York Times through a licensing deal, and with senior NYT journalists helping to craft and develop the agenda and moderating the event.

This year,  we are running a series of Talks from from November 19-21 at an in-person event in Doha, Qatar plus a free, virtual event which is open to all on November 22, 2021.

The Democracy and Culture Foundation also organises the Athens Democracy Forum. 

Aims and objectives of the Democracy and Culture Foundation

The mission of the Democracy & Culture Foundation is to empower society through better governance and citizen engagement. The Foundation aims to be the leading global platform for dialogue and solution-oriented activities concerning 1) the role of culture, as an expression of freedom and individuality, in allowing a society and democracy to flourish and 2) the evolution of democracy, civil society and the arts and media.


  1. promote the principle of artistic freedom and independence and dedication to truth of the media, as prerequisites for a good society and governance;
  2. seek new models of democracy inspired by the arts as an expression of human creativity and freedom of thought;
  3. recognize and collaborate with individuals and institutions whose achievements demonstrate a lasting commitment to the advancement of democracy and culture.

To achieve these goals and enhance its mission, the Foundation seeks to team up with global institutions, networks and events in an effort to ensure that the new models and proposed solutions become reality.


The two core annual events of the Foundation, in association with the New York Times, are:

  1. The Art for Tomorrow conference, with additional talks held on site during major international art fairs and exhibitions
  2. The Athens Democracy Forum, with related seminars and roundtables throughout the year


The Foundation will provide a platform for activities that will amplify its mission and goals, such as:

  • Awards
  • Scholarships
  • Training & Development programs
  • Research studies
  • Media coverage
  • Exhibitions

Strategic Partners:

A combination of non-profit and for-profit partners -- foundations, think tanks, and corporations, mainly technology companies -- whose activities and CSR objectives align with the mission of the Foundation.

Leadership and Governance:

In addition to the Foundation’s governing structure, an Executive Committee will be formed that will set strategy and monitor the day-to-day operation of its activities. An Advisory Board will also be established shaping the programming. The Foundation will be overseen by a non-executive Board of Trustees.