Art for Tomorrow takes place on 26-30 April 2023 in Florence and Solomeo, Italy.

In an era when democracy – or the hope of it – is buffeted by war, disinformation, gaping inequalities and the climate catastrophe, the world needs creative ideas.

Can the arts be a way out?

Culture feeds us in a way that facts can’t. It moves, challenges and inspires us, and can force us to rethink our assumptions. Art for Tomorrow looks at this interplay between the arts and society, examining culture’s social and economic impact. The 2023 edition will use the stunning backdrop of Florence and Solomeo to explore the link between beauty and creativity, questions about cultural heritage, and art’s unique capacity to elicit change.


Topics will include:

Gender and Art: Crises, Quotas and Correctives  
Role of the Museum: Mirror or Megaphone?
When Arts Education Becomes a Luxury
Public Art and the Climate Crisis
What’s in a Name? Linking Culture and Value
Protest Art and the Art of Protest
The Impact of Cancelling Russia
Protecting Cultural Heritage

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View the detailed conference agenda for details of sessions by day.

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