Michaël Zancan


Michaël Zancan is an artist from Bordeaux, France, who has worked as both an oil painter and a creative programmer since the early ‘90s.

In 2021, he discovered the ideals of decentralization in blockchain technology and, in NFTs, a tool that challenges the art market and gives artists and collectors the ability to connect and the freedom to invest in art and engage in social projects without prejudice or intermediaries.

Mr. Zancan practices a genre of art that he describes as ‘generative-figurative,’ with a focus on rendering nature using computer code and mathematical formulas. His "Garden, Monoliths" and "Lushtemples" series encourage discussions about virtuous and toxic interactions between technology and the natural world.

He is currently the most sought-after artist on Tezos, a blockchain known for its minimal environmental impact.


Photo: Benoît Cary

Michaël Zancan