After an explosive rise to fame as a teenager, when she first uploaded her minimal, mournful, self-produced electronica to SoundCloud, Merseyside-raised Holly Lapsley Fletcher, known as Låpsley, released her debut album “Long Way Home” to critical acclaim on XL in 2016. Singles “Hurt Me” and “Falling Short” confirmed her as one of the most exciting new songwriting talents, while DJ Koze’s disco edit of “Operator” produced an instant dancefloor classic. Extensive touring followed as she honed her craft as a writer and performer. Her first proper gig was at Glastonbury and she has since gone on to play Coachella in California, All Points East in London and countless other festivals. 

Her second album, “Through Water,” was released in 2020 and marked a shift from adolescence into womanhood and from introverted bedroom producer to a more confident, conscious artist. The lead single “Womxn” proudly asserted her queer identity as well as a more assured, upbeat direction, and the album won the Future Water Award for its critical engagement with climate issues.

Låpsley’s latest album, “Cautionary Tales of Youth,” released in 2022, confirms her maturity as a songwriter, storyteller and, above all, as a person. The record draws on a wide range of influences, from Latin and Afrobeats to bass music.

As well as political engagement, queerness and sexuality are central pillars of her identity and elements of herself she has learned to express more fully in recent years. She previously helped manage the playroom at the Crossbreed club night in London, ensuring a safe space for LGBTQ+ members.

After enrolling at Goldsmiths College in 2021 to study politics, philosophy and economics, she decided to leave university to concentrate on her career in music.

Personal experience has always been the wellspring of her creativity. She has grown into a consummate storyteller, adept at weaving evocative musical narratives with lush electronic textures, instantly memorable vocal melodies and a hoard of experiences and self-reflections on which to draw.