Filippo Giusti


Born in 1990, Filippo Giusti is an Italian painter who has been living in San Miguel de Allende since 2018. He was born in Livorno, a coastal city in Tuscany, but it was only after moving to Mexico that he discovered his passion for painting and fully dedicated himself to the visual arts. 

Having neither attended art school nor received any formal training, he turned to the internet and various classical texts to explore different artistic techniques. His early works leaned towards the surrealist movement before transitioning to portraiture. It was during this period that he began to develop his own style, which he called "essentialism."

In this artistic exploration, the Italian painter posed the question: If we were colors on the inside and I could see through the skin, what colors would we be? Thanks to his innovative essentialist style, he started to gain recognition, beginning with a network of collectors who discovered him in his studio and gallery at the Fábrica La Aurora art center in San Miguel de Allende.

His collaboration with the Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery in Mexico City further propelled his career, allowing him to participate in art fairs such as the capital’s Zona Maco and CONTEXT Art Miami. Ultimately, just four years after creating his first painting, he achieved a notable milestone with his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Art in Querétaro in May 2022. The exhibition, entitled "Essentialism," during which Mr. Giusti painted live for a few specific days of the show, received abundant positive feedback, setting records for the museum in terms of attendance and recognition. 

He has also been invited to speak at several events, such as TEDx and EO, the  Entrepreneurs’ Organization.



Filippo Giusti