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Art for Tomorrow Talks: Seeking Impact

The Art for Tomorrow Talks aim to analyze the effect the arts can and do have on society. What are some specific instances in which the arts have ignited a movement or a policy shift?  What is the interplay between politics and culture, and how has it evolved? Does the rise of technology provide new canvases and audiences for artists and performers, or does it risk threatening the integrity of their work? How can art play a role in raising awareness of the climate crisis and galvanizing citizens? In short, how can culture and the creative economy promote democratic values?

Moderated by New York Times journalists, the event will convene practitioners, experts and activists to look closely at the social impact of art. In addition, speakers and delegates will explore Athens’ eclectic artistic landscape, venturing into the cities’ museums, galleries, performance spaces and artist studios to see the arts in action.

The event is scheduled immediately following the private openings of Art Basel and Documenta, so that delegates can take advantage of world-class content and cultural experiences in Athens. They can then move to the artsy island of Hydra, and the opening of Jeff Koons’ project at the DESTE Foundation’s Slaughterhouse, shows at Dimitrios Antonitsis’ “Hydra Schools Project” and visits to collectors’ homes.


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